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“ The guest is always right. ”

This is a common saying within the restaurant business, even despite its lack of recognition that the guest is, in fact, exactly that — a surreptitiously unique and special guest. All too often, the average restaurant-goer feels more like a customer than a guest. A customer who is nothing more than a number; a sales -pitch-in-waiting; a gullible and unimportant cultural orphan, seeking a place to both call and feel at home.

Welcome to Jackacudas, where everything we do is grounded in a sincere desire to see the surrounding community gather within our walls and doors, and join us in a daily dining experience that is, to its very core, equal parts fresh and savory.

Nestled in the heart of Destin’s thriving HarborWalk Village, we at Jackacudas have a very firm finger resting on the pulse of a local economy that is virtually fueled entirely by tourism along the Emerald Coast. Locals and visitors alike have come to expect a certain buzz and excitement from the businesses that settle here in the Village on the Harbor. But we also realize that in a time when excitement and thrills are in high demand, they remain evasively expensive. We offer you the chance to embark on just such an adventure of both delight and discovery. And as you journey from West Coast-inspired sushi, to Oriental barbeque, to tried-and-true Southern home cooking with an organic, farm-to-table twist, we will be there with you, guiding you every step of the way.

The cultivation of that adventurous experience must begin and end with the resurgence of one of the most fundamental sensibilities upon which the restaurant industry became a modern economic juggernaut: hospitality. At Jackacudas, we emphasize the development and maintenance of genuine hospitality to be of the utmost vitality. For the guest who walks through our doors, a portal is opened into a warm and inviting world of exquisite culinary excellence and transcendentally generous service. In that world you will find a menu with roots planted deep in Destin’s soil, from the greenery on our salads (hand-picked from Back Forty Farms)

Each and every one of our vendors carries with them a reputation of hospitality across generations of taking precise care to provide high-quality, all-natural, superior standard of product excellence.

Grass-fed beef whole tenderloins from White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, Ga., where the cultivation of natural meats is considered an art form.

From selectively-sourced genetics to hand-picked feed, Niman Ranch takes great pride in their truly exceptional dedication to providing a wide variety of all-natural, premium meats.

Local fishermen have joined us in an effort to foster the sustenance of our most centralized and immediately-accessible “farms” — the Gulf of Mexico — through the implementation of Fish Trax®.

The Jackacudas name carries with it a deep homage and storied deference for the fishermen who made the Emerald Coast a landmark destination for fresh seafood and true Southern hospitality. Located thirty-four nautical miles off the coast of the Destin Harbor, there lies a fishing hole known for generations as a capital location for catching plentiful amberjack throughout the season. Boat captains soon realized that they weren’t the only ones keen on utilizing these easy target bottom feeders as vessels to keep their stomachs full and happy. Barracudas were soon poaching virtually the entire population in the area, and as captains crossed paths on their way to-and-from this particular fishing hole, the two-way radios often carried across the water messages of empty lines and boats full of “nuthin’ but Jackacudas.”

Our chefs have captured the flavors of culinary cultures across the world to bring you the most deliciously imaginative dishes you are likely to have encountered in any singular location across the United States.

We recognize that in the heart of every individual there lives a warm and deep desire to feel truly special, that as a person you want an evening out to be effortless and magical, that when you go out to eat you don’t want to feel like you are just another customer falling amongst the masses and a seat number amongst the sea of tables laid out to vaguely resemble a chess board in which you are simply a pawn, easily replaced in the requisite hour or two you are typically allotted to fumble through the door, scarf down a pre-made meal, and be scurried out the door as some vaguely familiar poor souls take your place to repeat the same fate.

We want you to feel a smile spread across your face before you even realize it’s there; to come as a stranger and leave as a companion; to perceive a difference in both the quality of the cuisine and in the hospitality of our staff; and ultimately, to feel that fundamental difference, such that you might wonder how any other dining experience ever sufficed.

And so, if you were to then leave our tables, our doors, and our walls behind you, and to think to yourself, “Something about that felt different . . .” then we will have dutifully achieved the measure of success we set out to glean, and you, as an honored and genuine guest, will indeed be right.

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